Spiritual direction, by its very nature, escapes precise definition. It is a gift, given by God, and functioning as a special ability.

The following are tentative descriptions:

  • To give support to a person to see the work of the Holy Spirit/God in his or her life.
  • To be a companion to a person in seeking the meaning of life.
  • To accompany others seeking the mystery we name God by tending the holy in their lives.
  • A friendly relationship in which one person helps another to discern and respond to God’s will for them.
  • Companioning another person, together listening to the movement of the holy, the divine, in that person’s life.

Spiritual Direction can happen in groups, but more frequently happens in one to one relationships.

Spiritual Directors are persons who have discerned within themselves the gift of spiritual direction, who have had this gift affirmed by others, and who are open to improve and deepen their ministry.

Some articles about Spiritual Direction:

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 At the website of Spiritual Directors International www.sdiworld.org you can find a number of descriptions, coming from different Christian faith traditions and also from other spiritual traditions. Click here for direct access to that survey.